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Personal development coach and speaker Ramona Rogers

Ramona Rogers

Ramona Rogers is a personal development coach, author, speaker, and a NAMCA Partner. She is the founder of Ramona Rogers Enterprises, a company that is dedicated to empowering others to create their blueprints for Success to live the life you want. Ramona is passionate about students becoming successful and reaching their potential. She has created several success systems, one of which is her Blueprint For Success system that helps students create their personalized blueprints to make their journey towards success authentic and intentional. Ramona works to challenge her audience to continuously Believe In themselves and their ability, Develop skills, gifts, and talents, and to Take Action towards their goals and dreams. All components are necessary for students to design their blueprints for success to reach their desired life outcomes. Through her presentations and workshops, Ramona provides processes and formulas that give students a solid foundation to build themselves from the inside out so that they can live the life they desire and deserve.

Visual storyteller and speaker Ken Branson​

Ken Branson

Ken Branson, a Published Photographer, Independent Filmmaker & 13-time convicted felon…has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from Visual Storytelling after starting a business from the basement of his church. Some of his clients include Google, AARP, Cisco and a host of Colleges & Universities. Through therapy and a journey of self-awareness, Ken learned that the negative drama he attracted in life could be re-directed into a healthier and profitable form of drama…STORYTELLING! This basement level strength is continually being refined everyday as Ken makes a full-time living helping businesses and institutions get their messages out through effective storytelling.

Creative Strategist, Keynote Speaker, and Author Denisha Ferguson

Denisha Ferguson

Denisha Ferguson is an award winning Creative Strategist, Keynote Speaker, and Author who shows how to cultivate creativity for clarity and impact to accomplish an organizations and individuals goals. Denisha is the CEO of Indiana Fashion Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, creator of Indiana Fashion Week and the founder of UZICON International. She links 20+ years of experience in Research, Business Management, Nonprofit organization and personal experience for a unique perspective on leading, communicating and building authentic teams that together build results. She is the author of “Year of The Creator” which outlines strategies on pursuing goals and dreams in the midst of life circumstances and adventures. Her work has been featured in Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, Forbes, WWD, and MTV’s Ridiculousness. You can find out more at:

Leadership and bullying speaker Edson Oneale

Edson O'Neale

When you see Edson O’Neale walk into a room your first perception might be that he is a strong, confident, empowered man, but there’s more to Edson than meets the eye. His stature may seem imposing to you, but he has felt small. His voice is clear as a bell, but he’s often felt unheard. He is very present, but he has been made to feel invisible. Yet, through it all he’s tried his best, to be his best.
He’s overcome what he’s felt.
He’s reshaped his narrative.

The why, the how and the way, he shares in his talks about leadership, bullying and history. Compelled to rewrite your story and change perceptions? Work with Edson today and discover:

1. Dynamic thought leader focused on values and self-worth.
2. Your supportive accountability partner for achieving future goals.
3. A champion of consistent growth.

Doctor, model, and motivational speaker Dr. Samantha DeLoache

Dr. Samantha DeLoache

Dr. Samantha DeLoache, a native of Orangeburg, SC is a May 2003 honor graduate of Claflin University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. In May 2007, she graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy from the Medical University of SC and a Masters of Business Administration from the Citadel Military College. She currently works as a Pharmacist Manager at Kintegra Health Pharmacy in Gastonia, NC. She is also a full time entrepreneur and has a credit restoration, coaching and t-shirt businesses. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and currently resides in Charlotte, NC.

In her spare time, she enjoys modeling, traveling, reading books, motivational speaking, shopping and spending time with family and friends. To keep engaged with her calendar and other community activities, please go to her website

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Investor, Speaker JC Gayle

JC Gayle

Jason (JC) Gayle wears a few hats…
Entrepreneur, Consultant, Investor, Speaker, Podcaster, Leader. But at his core, he is a Transformational Coach. He has a goal to help 100,000 people discover and maximize their life’s purpose. In return, they will then live a compelling life, which is maximizing every opportunity, achieving self-fulfillment and living happier lives. In founding & leading the Compel Movement, which is an Organization that envisions societal transformation, he is making that dream become a reality each day. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies. He currently lives in Central Florida with his wife and daughter.

Dr. David M. Walker

Dr. Walker grew up in the urban community of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY. He experienced the challenges and struggles that come with living in a community of drugs and gang violence. This experience birthed within him a belief that one’s most significant accomplishments are within one’s desire to be better than the circumstances you grew up in or the environment you are in.

Learn more about Dr. Walker here.

Brian Deloach

If you’re looking for a speaker who is dedicated to teaching non-traditional students that their path is not “less than” then Brian is your man!

He’s an emerging speaker who has gone from the military to being a small business owner to being a speaker than can speak life into students on the non-traditional path.

Learn more about Brian here!

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