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NAMCA creates unique events and experiences for your group with our diverse group of emerging speakers and trainers.


We have a diverse line up of speakers that will wow your audience and meet your goals.


As an association we provide training for those that are looking to advance in their careers.


See what's happening at NAMCA! Attend one of our conferences, webinars, masterminds, trainings or other events.


Learn from experts in the education industry who are innovating to bring you the latest advancements in your field.

NAMCA has a simple mission. We want to impact lives with messages your audience probably hasn’t heard yet.

NAMCA stands for The National Association for Masterminds & Co-curricular Advancement. We began our work inside of the higher education industry to help higher ed professionals get more job fulfillment. We now offer an incredible network for people that are looking to hire speakers, consultants, and trainers to speak.

Are you a Speaker?

Reach more professionals that need your help! We provide training for speakers and opportunities to meet get hired.

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Membership Benefits

Professional Development for members

NAMCA members get exclusive access to tips, trainings, and resources that help you go farther in your career. 

Take advantage of all that our unique community has to offer with networking events, trainings and conferences all designed to give the higher ed professional what they need to grow.

Free Resources

Stan Pearson II

Cynthia Padilla Pearson

Our amazing team of mediators, counselors, lawyers, and communication experts are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Looking

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