About Us

NAMCA’s goal and mission is to get more women and BIPOC paid speaking opportunities at colleges, universities, and beyond.

The Founders

NAMCA is the only Black owned association in the college space. Stan Pearson II & Odell Bizzell II both became full-time college speakers in their early 20s.

Despite giving over 1,000 college presentations since 2006 Stan & Odell noticed how difficult it was for them and others like them to break into the college space if they didn’t know anybody or they weren’t already connected.

In addition to that, they noticed their clients and friends were overwhelmed with tons of spammy, gimicky outreach methods that filled up their inbox and annoyed them. NAMCA is a solution to both of those problems.

Angell Howard

NAMCA would not be what it is today if not for Angell Howard. Angell is the backbone for NAMCA as well as the voice that keeps Stan, Odell, and the team on track to meet it’s goals and stay true to it’s mission. She is dedicated to making sure that NAMCA serves higher ed professionals at the highest level.

As as higher ed professional herself with over 16 years of experience and a speaker and consultant, Angell’s role with NAMCA helps to ensure that they remain in compliance and stay abreast as to what keeps the professional

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