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Professionals, students and entrepreneurs are constantly doing their best to find ways to improve their health. It’s become a difficult task. There are so many “online gurus and influencers” making it difficult to know what’s real and what’s not. This is why I’m dedicated to helping you be the CEO of your health. Our health is so important to us or we’d like it to be. I’ve found as a physician, it can even be difficult to ask your own doctor or get proper answers from a doctor when you’re in the office. Being the CEO of your health means being empowered and understanding how to advocate for yourself so you can laugh harder, live better and love longer.
As a mom to 2, wife to a retired NFL player, Latina, & practicing Gastroenterologist, I understand full well that life is a marathon (actually a few marathons!). I’ve advised professional athletes and elite performers. It’s also my goal to empower communities of women and professionals who just don’t get the right answers or right attention when it matters most. When you become the CEO of your health, all of that changes.
After hearing from many of my patients, family & friends just how crazy it can be to find reliable & accurate health & wellness information, I decided to begin my social media adventure & web presence to be a resource and better serve my patients.
Making healthy lifestyle choices, optimizing wellness and overall health can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be!

Why Choose "Being The CEO of Your Life"?

Dr. Leybelis MD is not only a renowned gastroenterologist but also a dedicated advocate for personal empowerment and well-being. Her program is crafted with empathy, expertise, and a genuine desire to see you succeed. "Being The CEO of Your Life" is more than just a program; it's a journey of transformation and empowerment.

By joining this program, you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your health and how to maintain it.
  • Develop a strong sense of self and the skills needed for personal growth.
  • Learn how to achieve and sustain professional success.
  • Discover and pursue your true purpose in life.

Take the first step towards becoming the CEO of your life. Embrace the power within you and let Dr. Leybelis guide you on this incredible journey. Your future is waiting – seize it with confidence and passion.

Dr. Leybelis is one of the most compassionate and thoughtful speakers we've ever had. She understands the value of health and how to help you grab a hold of the best version of you. I highly recommend Dr. Leybelis and so glad I had the chance to hear her speak! We look forward to having her back in the near future! Right now, we are working on our 4 Pillars. She was AWESOME!

Lorenza, Event Planner


Being The CEO of Your Health: Leadership Pillars to Laugh harder, Live better and Love Longer

“Being The CEO of Your Life” is an empowering and transformative program created by the award-winning gastroenterologist, Dr. Leybelis MD. Rooted in four key pillars, this program is designed to help you take control of your life, make informed decisions, and achieve your personal and professional goals. Dr. Leybelis, with her expertise and compassionate approach, guides you on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and growth.

Learning Outcomes:

Master the skills to create nutritious, appetite friendly meals, identify trigger foods, and sustain a balanced diet that complements your goals for wanting to be a better leader. Being the CEO of Your Health allows you to unlock every day advantages and successes that you can’t see. Once you become the CEO of Your Health, you can identify other areas of strength so much more quickly and effectively. Program Benefits for Companies, Colleges, and Professionals

For Companies:
  • Foster a healthier, more productive workforce by empowering employees with the tools to manage chronic conditions along with the conditions they may “feel” but not know they exist or why. This program outlines how to build better people from the literal inside to gain awareness, productivity and live more actively without EXTRA work. You will be able to enhance workplace wellness programs and reduce healthcare costs through preventive care and education.
For Colleges:
  • Support students in managing their new found freedom which includes health choices to help them arrive and achieve academic success and maintain their well-being. Leadership and engagement start with health and beyond that, GUT health. Allow an expert to educate your students. Equip student health services with advanced knowledge and resources to better elevate their healthy choices and the way they lead in life..
For Professionals:
  • Gain a competitive edge by mastering the latest integrative health approaches to gut health, better choices and stronger professional lives as a result. Enhance your professional development with comprehensive training in medical, physical, mental, and nutritional health strategies. This is the ultimate cheat code to executive level employees and those striving to be!

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