Ramona Rogers

Personal development coach and speaker Ramona Rogers
Ramona Rogers is a personal development coach, author, speaker, and a NAMCA Partner. She is the founder of Ramona Rogers Enterprises, a company that is dedicated to empowering others to create their blueprints for Success to live the life you want. Ramona is passionate about students becoming successful and reaching their potential. She has created several success systems, one of which is her Blueprint For Success system that helps students create their personalized blueprints to make their journey towards success authentic and intentional. Ramona works to challenge her audience to continuously Believe In themselves and their ability, Develop skills, gifts, and talents, and to Take Action towards their goals and dreams. All components are necessary for students to design their blueprints for success to reach their desired life outcomes. Through her presentations and workshops, Ramona provides processes and formulas that give students a solid foundation to build themselves from the inside out so that they can live the life they desire and deserve.
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