Cynthia Padilla Pearson

Healthy Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Trauma Informed Education, Recruitment & Retention
Greek Life, Professional Development, Associations, Student Leadership
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A career victims’ rights advocate and certified trauma specialist with 13 years in court systems supporting trauma victims and developing trauma-informed programs. She has thousands of hours experience in mediation practice, providing victim services, law enforcement training, and community-based program development.


The Talk: A Diversity/Inclusion Conversation That Must Be Had

All students have to deal with diversity which can often be very difficult and problematic. Odell’s signature program on the topic of inclusion works to break down barriers that often limit us from truly connecting with one another. How do we make diversity relevant and actionable in a world where everyone spews their opinions on social media? This conversation is a high energy, engaging, and interactive discussion that helps students navigate through the banter and issues on their timelines. What Odell offers is an actionable plan to be more diversity minded.

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